J. Oliveras (NYPD)

What can I say about “Discount Gold and Diamonds” in three words which are personable and the amazing service. I’m a NYC Police officer on an extreme tight budget; I needed to propose to my best friend so I email the owner Ronnie. His response time was immediate verbally on the phone and via email. I had no idea on what type of ring to select on the website, so I just told him what I wanted and Ronnie customized it on my details. If I would have selected it on the site myself then it would have been a mistake on my end. Discount Gold and Diamonds hand-picked what I wanted according to my budget and we couldn’t have been happier with the selection. With the personable service that I’ve mention is that we went back and forth what I wanted through emails or calls; with the job since it’s not a 9-5 that wasn’t an issue since Ronnie would reply in all hours. The price was extremely amazing and my fiancé was astonished at the proposing thinking I spent a ton of money on such a beautiful ring. This isn’t a place that you walk into and just select a ring feeling the pressure of making a decision on the spot, this is a place that you have a family of blue looking for your best interest. You could make the trip or just do it over the phone or email since I never stepped a foot inside the store. All my rings were personally delivered during a cocktail and explanation of the quality which again was amazing. When coworkers asked me how much paid for them and to see their reaction was they wish they knew beforehand. Thank you, Discount Gold and Diamonds for an amazing experience!


Guaranteed, Best Quality, Best Price
My family and I have buying our jewelry from Ronnie Keller for the last 27 years. His honesty, loyalty, and concern for you, is impeccable.

Norman and Christine

We must start this testimony by thanking God first, for leading us to you, during such an exciting time in our lives! You are officially our tried, true and trusted Family Jeweler!

We would like to express our sincere thanks to you and your associates at DiscountGoldAndDiamonds.com, though there are no words to truly express our appreciation and thanks to you for your integrity and genuine care (which is so rare these days). Thank you for your attention to the personal design details, that each of our sons had requested for their beautiful brides engagement rings and all of their original, custom made Covenant bands. The rings were made at a SIGNIFICANT DISCOUNT and of SUPERIOR QUALITY to all of the retail jewelry stores that we had first researched.

Your no pressure approach, calm guidance, and education of selecting the perfect diamonds and type of gold for each of our sons' financial positions, made the process very enjoyable and joyful! Each of their brides were brought to tears of joy at the proposal and presentation of their GORGEOUS RINGS!

So thank you again and get ready, another one of our sons is ready to pop the question to his lovely girlfriend! We are indeed blessed, God is increasing our family again!

Shalom Shalom!

Micheal Giamalvo

This is a rare and unusual Testimonial which I want to write for a friend of mine. He introduced me to a jewelry Web Site by the name of www.discountgoldanddiamonds.com. I was amazed at the high quality, extreme value and great selection of merchandise. I have never seen such a site on the internet.
The gorgeous diamond ring I purchased has received the best reviews by my wife, friends and our acquaintances.

So, I highly recommend discountgoldanddiamonds.com to everyone reading this letter of recommendation.
Sincerely Yours

A huge thank you goes to Discountgoldanddismonds.com!

The level of service you provided was amazing. I can't thank you enough for all the help designing my engagement ring and wedding band and guiding us through the process. You were so patient with my husband and I to make sure we got the exact outcome we wanted and we couldn't be more happy with both rings!

Thank you for such a wonderful experience!

Thank Ron for your amazing craftsmanship!

For years I wanted to create a cross that was elegant and made a statement. Ron was able to help me create my vision and bring to life a stunning piece of jewelry.

The quality of the diamonds are undeniably beautiful. I continue to receive complaints whenever and where I go!

Joseph McFarlane - Happy wife, happy……. Wait a minute

Before I deploy common cliché to account for the happiness my wife and I share together, I would like to express some detail of our experience of investing in our engagement and wedding bands with Ronnie at www.DiscountGoldandDiamonds.com

Ronnie cares! He took a consultative approach with my wife and I, whom from the beginning knew very little about Diamonds & Gold. Ronnie asked us all the right questions to help navigate toward our desired rings! Ronnie also was able to steer us away from making a silly decision which may have depreciated the value of our jewelry. He simplified the complexity of the “4 C’s” of gemology and helped us to understand this investment.

Value, was especially important for my wife and I. Ronnie was able to secure a flawless diamond ensemble, within our budget and without sacrificing any quality!

Accompanied with our new jewelry, professional documentation from GIA. Gemological Institute of America, complete with computer animated drawings, showcasing the complexity of our diamond cut, detailing the intricacies and appreciated values of our rings.

Ronnie made our investment experience, transparent, informative and valuable!

We will recommend Ronnie to our friends and family for future investment endeavors.

Mrs. Pat Romano / Vincent Romano

I had a wedding band for many years. Due to so much wear and tear on the ring, some of the stones were broken and some fell out. I went to several jewelers to have it fixed and they were not able to replace the stones because of the way they were set and told me to sell the ring. I loved the ring and it had so much meaning to me so I went to Mr. Keller and he said he would take care of it for me. Well, not only did he take care of it for me but had all the stones replaced, had it polished and made it into a totally a new and beautiful ring again.

He is just a dedicated person to what he does and when he does something, he does it to perfection !!!.