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At today's high retail prices, www.discoungtgoldanddiamonds.com is offering you an opportunity to buy precious gold and diamond jewelry at "BELOW MANUFACTURER'S PRICES'.

This site is Not Intended for the General Public. Discounts are provided especially for “Police, Friends & Family”. Prices shown on site are for Fine Retail Stores. DiscountGoldAndDaimonds.com is providing you with a steep discount to be utilize when checking out. (Any applicable Sales Taxes will be paid by Company)
The company is operated by a Retired NYCPD Officer, with 30 years experience in the jewelry field and proud to offer these discounts.

Our catalogue consists of unique designer jewelry, crafted by some of the most outstanding designers in America, with unsurpassed value and guaranteed to set you apart from the crowd. High quality, calibrated and matched diamonds are G-H color (near colorless), SI clarity and Cut for utmost brilliance with 58 facets.

All of the jewelry has style beyond compare, and are sold in the finest jewelry stores throughout the country. Just as a reminder, each purchase is back by our "100% UNCONDITIONAL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE FOR 20 DAYS AFTER DELIVERY".

We value your business - don't hesitate to make a purchase, we are sure you will be extremely pleased. Just find your selection, go to the check out page, fill out all pertinent information and submit it to us. You will receive our confirmation and free prompt delivery to follow.